Private Coaching with Annette

Gain greater insight into your experience of mindfulness and co-create an individualized program to support a loving relationship with food, body, and intuition

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Conscious Eating Community & Group Coaching

Join a community of individuals on a path of self-inquiry rooted in mindfulness practices for greater insight into your relationship to food, body, and intuition

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Client Testimonials

I loved Annette’s course. Even though I’ve been practicing meditation for several years, this course game me a whole new tool set to work with. Annette’s approach to the course was so compassionate and wise, she’s a fantastic teacher. I can’t want to take another course with her!

– Lily

I loved learning about all the mindfulness techniques we could use in our daily lives. Definitely noticed an improvement in equanimity and calmness when I used your techniques regularly. Great teachings and wonderful guided sessions!

– Amanda

Even the short time I was able to participate due to an upcoming wedding, I gained so much from this course! Annette was very clear on the exercises. She explained things wonderfully! I feel that I have been given tools that I did not have before to help control my emotions and not let my emotions control me. It was a strengthening set of tools! I am very grateful.

– Bonnie

Annette’s grounded, open, and loving energy and precise, supportive coaching have helped me so much on my mindfulness journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

– Katie

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