Conscious Eating Community and Group Coaching

Conscious Eating Community

Overview: The Conscious Eating Method & Framework

What Is Conscious Eating?

Conscious Eating is a community platform, with the goal of bringing together people with the shared aspiration of wanting to feel more empowered with their food choices, and supporting them in mastering that together. 

Through engaging in this rich, rewarding, and transformative work together, our goal is to help our members move away from suffering and toward living their most authentic, satisfying, and joyful lives in service to the world and others.

Our method involves 3 integrated and fundamental components, each of which is ongoing and develops gradually through weekly habits of engagement within the community. These 3 essential ingredients for deep transformation are healthy habits, mindfulness, and community.

The Conscious Eating Framework 

We created the Conscious Eating Framework based on these 3 major factors that we found most supported us in transforming our relationships to food, eating, body, cravings, thoughts, and difficult emotions.

Healthy Habits

A healthy relationship with food includes learning to cook and eat meals that will nourish your body while bringing joy and satisfaction. Healthy habits for well being and self care are also an essential ingredient in becoming a Conscious Eater, because our mental and emotional landscape is directly linked with our eating behaviors. 

Our regular offerings are designed help you create habits around coming into the community to get new healthy habit inspiration each week. These include Katie’s Friday meal prep challenges and a new featured plant-based ingredient each week, designed to help you expand your meal repertoire and intuition in the kitchen, learn new cooking techniques, and reduce your reliance on recipes. In addition to support for healthy meal prep, we also run a variety of well-being focused workshops, events, and courses which are often given by guest presenters both inside and outside the community. 


We can’t master something as complex as our eating and relationship to food without the support and inspiration of others. Witnessing others moving along a similar path inspires us, reminds us of our intentions and helps us to keep coming back, validates our struggles, sparks new insights, provides a mirror for feedback and self-awareness, and allows for abstract tools and practices to come to life in other people’s experience so that we can apply them in our own lives. 

Through regular interaction with other community members with the same aspirations as you, you’ll be inspired and lifted up by others who are implementing mindfulness tools in creative ways, cooking healthy and delicious food, and who understand whatever struggle you might be facing. You’ll benefit beyond measure by surrounding yourself with others who are ready to support you through it just as much as they are ready to celebrate your journey with you.


If you are like us, you may have already experienced the benefit of healthy eating habits and community support before arriving here in the Conscious Eating Community. For us, coming from a structured eating program, our food prep habits had never been healthier and we’ve never felt more supported or connected. But there was still something missing for us, which we later discovered were the practices of mindfulness. Mindfulness practices give us tools for empowerment and self-awareness, moving through challenges with courage and compassion, and allow us to discover what is actually true for us. 

Past Offerings

August, 2019 – Tame Eating Mindfulness Coursethis course will bring participants mindfulness practices that can lead to greater enjoyment of life, better coping with difficult emotions and craving states, shifting away from a “diet mentality”, and improved concentration based on the evidence-based structure of UM.