A Guided Practice for Honoring Your Body With Food

This week I wanted to share with you a beautiful guided visualization and journaling prompt that we did last Saturday in a community workshop

This powerful visualization will give you a simple yet profound mindful eating practice for bringing more presence to meals and honoring your body with food. 

In this session I guided participants through an inquiry process to discover what barriers are preventing them from showing up to eating with more joy and presence. We also shared a few easy (but profound) mindful eating practices and invited members to take on one or more of them for the whole month.

The session was received with such enthusiasm that I wanted to share it outside the community too.  

Our community members represent a huge range of approaches to eating from highly structured food plans to completely flexible and intuitive. Anyone can benefit from integrating these practices into their eating, regardless of your overall approach to food. What unites Conscious Eaters isn’t what we eat or how we eat, but a commitment to being present to life, and eating is a part of that. 

In the first part of this recording you’ll hear me giving an introduction to our approach to mindful eating, followed by a guided visualization and a prompt for journaling and reflection at the very end.

I hope you find this recording helpful as you are thinking about any 2021 intentions around food and eating.

If you connected with this practice and want more support in your conscious eating path, check out our community! We open the doors for new members during the first week of every month.

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