Inspired Goal Setting (Beyond Weight Loss)

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The funniest thing happened yesterday when we led our community members through a goal setting exercise.

Having recently gotten all excited about some evidence-based frameworks for deep health, we opened the session with a survey that felt a bit clinical, asking people to look at various areas of health and rate themselves in each (physical, relational, emotional, etc).

Sure, there’s value in that sort of exercise, but it was very heady.

Many of us came out of that exercise with our mental “shoulds” on paper, things like “decreasing the size of my food portions” and “exercising more,” etc.

Next came the vision setting exercise (included above) and what was so striking is that nearly everyone abandoned their original ideas (to some degree) in favor of what came up in the guided meditation. Many of us scrapped whatever behavior we had originally set out to implement and instead set goals driven by what actually mattered to each of us.

What became very apparent to us was that the first exercise was led by the mind, and the second exercise was led by something else. Intuition maybe, or heart? It was beautiful to see everyone connecting with this part of themselves and thinking about goals and habits from that inspired and connected place. This month we’re focused on supporting our members in building habits and lasting behavior changes related to these heart-centered goals.

As we move into “goal-setting season,” we invite you to get out of your head, let go of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and connect with your deeper inner knowing. What’s really important to you?

We encourage you to be selective about what goals you’re taking on, and to take them on with compassion, inspiration, and even excitement. Nobody can sustain a behavior change that they aren’t excited about. At least not without a lot of self-punishing, and we are committed to helping you be kind to yourself AND get the results you want in your life. 

We’ve included our guided vision setting practice in the video and podcast above, starting at the 2:15 minute mark.

If you connected with this practice and want more support in your conscious eating path, check out our community! We open the doors for new members during the first week of every month.

I hope you’ll find this helpful!

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