Self-Compassionate Weight Loss

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For the longest time, I resisted supporting people in weight loss, despite having enjoyed benefits of substantial weight loss myself. 

That’s because I feel that so often, the desire to lose weight comes out of frustration, judgement, and shame.

As a mindfulness community we are focused on letting go of old stories, coming to love and accept what is, and gently orienting towards honoring our bodies and treating ourselves with kindness. At first, we weren’t sure how weight loss fit in with that.

But we’ve also had a number of our members come to us lately somewhat desperate for weight loss. The reasons vary, ranging from serious health issues and difficulty breathing to wanting to experience more ease and less pain in activities like hiking and yoga. 

We’re very aware that this desire for weight loss is out there, and we are also aware that a weight loss journey can be self-compassionate. We know that the desire for weight loss doesn’t have to be motivated by self-criticism or shame, and that it IS possible to approach weight loss from a place of self-love. I know this because I’ve done it. 

I also know HOW to support people in going about weight loss in a healthy way – without the white-knuckling and feeling of joyless restriction. I can’t wait to share those tools and practices with you.

So, next month in our community we will be offering new resources specifically around self-compassionate weight loss. 

But before we get to the HOW, we need to get clear on the WHY. 

We’re starting (as usual) with clarity work. We’re kicking off the month with group clarity and coaching sessions to help you identify your own deeply held values and figure out your number one priority right now. 

What do you REALLY want? Why do you want it? 

Once you know what you want, we’ll give you effective, evidence-based strategies and tools to help you get there, boosted by the love, support, and connection of our incredible community. 

Our members have been experiencing some profound shifts and transformations lately with their eating behaviors and relationships to food and their bodies. It’s been astounding to watch. 

So if you want to lose weight but are tired of fighting with yourself, if you’re ready to do away with punishing self-talk, shame, guilt, and self-loathing, if you’re ready to get clear about what you want and go after it in a loving, supported way, join us!! 

The enrollment window for new members opens TOMORROW on December 1st and closes on December 7th, and our first clarity session will be on Saturday December 5th. So if you want in on this amazing and transformational work, now’s the time to join!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you one of our favorite clarity tools (which we will be using next Saturday) called the 4 Crazy Questions. You can download the free worksheet here.

I hope you’ll find it helpful!

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