A Powerful Thought Practice to Stop Emotional Eating

Listen to This Week’s Podcast:

This week I wanted to bring you a taste of something we’ve been working on all month in Conscious Eating Community. We’ve been exploring The Work of Byron Katie, relating it to moments of tension and conflict in our lives. That includes moments where we struggle with our eating.

The Work asks you to actually put yourself back into a tense scenario and to bring to mind a thought or a belief that was present in that moment. Sitting with this discomfort is the beginning of gaining freedom from it.

We don’t get to choose what think in a given moment. Our mind produces thoughts as automatically as the eyes see and the ears hear. However, doing this inquiry practice AFTER noticing a troubling thought can free you from it’s grip. You can start to get a taste of what it is to be the exact same moment, but without the troubling thought.

It’s one thing to rationally know a thought doesn’t serve you. Experiencing it directly though is key to letting it go.

This week’s video and podcast include a 10-minute guided practice (beginning at the 5-minute mark) that will help you dive into this profound practice right now.

I hope you’ll find it helpful!

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