Mindfulness SUPPORT for improving relationships to food, body, and intuition

About Annette

In her group coaching within Conscious Eating Community, Annette supports people recovering from compulsive overeating and other numbing behaviors to develop mindfulness practices that can lead to greater enjoyment of life, stronger intuitive sense, better coping with difficult emotions and craving states, shifting away from a “diet mentality”, and improved concentration. She brings her warm, open personality to her online group coaching sessions and leads daily short group guided meditation, creating an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and even fun. She believes the struggle that underlies issues around food and body can be gateways into deep relief of all suffering.

With individual clients, she supports dedicated mindfulness practitioners in deepening practice and integrating shifts in consciousness into their daily lives.

Conscious Eating Mindfulness Community

Join a vibrant mindfulness community online, individual coaching support

Individual & Group Coaching

Are you a dedicated mindfulness practitioner looking for support in deepening practice or integrating shifts in consciousness into your daily life? Schedule a call with Annette to explore what your mindfulness journey might look like

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